The Worst Warlock
Cover of The Worst Warlock audiobook

Elijah Muddle's life changed in an instant. The son of a spiteful and cruel manure farmer, Elijah now has become an apprentice to the town's warlock, Caliban. The chance to escape his terrible father and learn magic? It's a dream come true! Until it turns out that Elijah's internal magic is wonky, and he is the absolute worst warlock ever—all his spells go wildly wrong, causing both hilarious and disastrous consequences all over town.

Now, everyone in town is furious at Elijah, including Caliban and his dangerous jaguar familiar. Elijah tries desperately to correct his magic with the help of his best friends Marcus the thief and Tori the blacksmithing barbarian. The trio contends with the Nighty-Knights, angry mobs, and a ridiculously dangerous and forbidden spell. Will Elijah succeed? Find out in this clever and funny audiobook from A. A. Livingston & Dan Livingston.

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